We maintain a constant presence during the critical first year of recovery and guide clients through difficult times with real-time help.

East Coast Recovery Services now offers substance abuse outpatient counseling as licensed by the state of Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Program.  However, we will continue to offer the Recovery Coaching services that the company was built upon.


East Coast Recovery Services' (ECRS) approach has proven extremely effective in assisting clients in moving beyond the denial that often stands in the way of them ever progessing in recovery. Our methods help clients face the painful truths of their addicton while keeping their dignity in tact. Addicted individuals and family members reach the highest level of honesty and self-realization without being shamed into more self-deprecating and self-destructive behaviors.

Our availability helps ensure our clients, families & friends, have the professional help they need when they need it.


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We Continue When Others Concede

Our services are focused on the ever changing needs of our clients and are designed to succeed where traditional thinking has failed. Personal attention and individualized recovery programs ensure that each client receives the help they need when they need it.

ECRS was founded by Brian Halstead, CAC, in an effort to bring new and innovative services to people affected by the disease of addiciton.

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